Chestnut Loves Circle Star!

Last February Chestnut came to Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) by way of Balch Springs Animal Shelter.  She was found in an industrial park with her 5 babies.  The little family was underweight, had mange and was just a sickly crew.

Chestnut has been in a foster home for about 6 months.  It didn’t take her long to integrate into family life; however, she came to dislike other dogs and needed leash work.  So, she is going through Circle Star’s 30 day program.

So, a couple of weeks ago, she said goodbye to her foster family and took the ride out to East Texas where she will be staying in the new rescue house for 30 days.  This rescue house allows dogs to live in a true house where they can grow accustomed to the sights and sounds of living in a home.

Doorbells, TV, furniture, kitchen noises, etc.  All getting them accustomed to the sounds of a house, not dog kennels.

Like all of the TMHPR dogs before her, Chestnut loves the ATV.  She loves zooming around from place to place.  It is so good seeing this young girl smile!

Chestnut is also working with Tamera on her basic commands.  She loves to please and reacts well to the positive reinforcements.  (Hot dog bites!!)

Chestnut’s leash training is so important.  It will mean that she will be able to go on walks with her family, attend sporting events and even go to the park.  This is something she had not been able to do without outbursts when encountering another dog.

But, the happiest photos we have received from Chestnut have to be these three.  She is learning to play.  And this is so important for her.  Learning to socially interact and have a good time.  We love seeing her smile.

Rescue dogs were often raised in a stressful environment without good packs to learn from.  They have to learn how to play and interact from each other.  Seeing Chestnut play and run with other dogs just makes us so happy.  She deserves to not feel stressed!

And as with all of the dogs Chestnut ends her days with a massage.  She deserves it for a job well done.

We will keep you updated on all of Chestnut’s progress!  For more information regarding TMHPR, please visit our website at

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