Captain, a handsome couch loving, people loving, 3 year old Great Pyrenees, is now ready for his forever home!

Captain update….

On May 4th Captain was invited to spend a few days with a nice family in order to give him a break from living in the Adoption Center. We had fun loading up all of his favorite things including his favorite dog bed that goes everywhere with him and resembles a boat, his giant chew bone and of course his dog food. Can you see his big smile on Captain’s face after he was packed up and ready to go?


Captain is loaded up and headed to his foster home! He is bringing his super
large bed donated a while ago that he doesn’t go anywhere without. It’s like his boat!


Captain poses in front of the iron bull sculptures that are in the courtyard
of the third story apartment building he was living.
At first he wasn’t sure what to make of them.


Captain even got to spend some time watching the sports channel
with his foster dad, Joe.
Though Captain brought his boat along…
he prefers the comfort of the foster family’s couch.

Captain snuggled up at bedtime on the foster family’s comfy couch… and they didn’t seem to mind too much. Well, his short visit has come to an end and now this sweet boy is back at the Adoption Center. We know more about him now such as he is very low key, enjoys lots of naps and strolls around the neighborhood and he was very pleasant when approached by another dog while on a walk. He will make a great companion for someone who enjoys to cuddle, watch movies and go for walks. We just know his forever home is out there somewhere. Could that be with you? Email us for details at


Captain waits patiently at the Balch Springs Shelter for his rescue.

Captain was picked up by the Balch Spring Animal Control back in March 2014. He was very thin and his fur was matted to the skin. He had obviously been on his own for a while.  The officers fell in love with Captain and worked hard to get him out of the shelter so held him longer hoping that his luck would improve.  Captain is now part of Take Me Home Pet Rescue and is need of a foster or adopter.


Captain’s first day at the Adoption Center. He quickly claims the donated bed the minute it is delivered.

We heard about Captain in early April and made arrangements to transfer him to Take He Home Pet Rescue. We had all of his matted fur shaved off, except for his head and fluffy tail, and he was examined by our vet, vaccinated and neutered. Captain is estimated to be about 3 years old and surprisingly he is heart worm negative!

This boy does not like be kenneled so he has become the official TMHPR Greeter
as he lives in our lobby awaiting his forever home.

Captain only weighs about 68 pounds now but needs to gain about 15 pounds. He is leash trained and appears to be house trained too. He does not like to be kenneled and is not destructive in the home when left alone since he is well past the puppy stage. He is very calm and enjoys just lounging about the house and watching out the window at passersby. He is not familiar with other dogs and tends to be frightened of them and therefore, at this time, does not do well with other dogs. We think with time he will warm up to a dog with a submissive,  calm demeanor and we would recommend a female for him should his foster or adopter have another dog. He will not do well in a home with cats, but he seems to love kids, men and women all the same. He LOVES people in general.  His yard should have a secure fence (no chain link for this guy) with locked gaits.  He will also be happiest in a home where someone is home more than not.


Captain enjoys the company and doesn’t mind giving his
opinions during meetings.


Captain loves his buddy Chris who takes care of him
at the Adoption Center.

Please consider adopting or fostering this very handsome boy!  For more information on fostering or adopting please visit our website at or email us at


Big sad brown eyes that say, “Please adopt me!”

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