Can you help the Spirit Litter?

We’re raising funds for Honey, a cat mom and her litter of kittens fighting the dreaded and deadly Feline PanLeukopenia (FP) virus.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue rescued this litter from a shelter after they were found as strays and dropped off there. They became ill a few days after arriving at TMHPR and were hospitalized after being diagnosed with FP….unfortunately, three of the kittens passed away.

Mom and her three surviving kittens (Stella, Shiner and Bailey) continue to fight this virus at a foster home with a foster mom who is an expert at supportive care. Sadly there is no cure for this virus, so supportive care (fluids, antibiotics, nutrients) are all that we can do to help them survive.

So far, the cost of care has totaled a bit more than $6,800 and this out of the ordinary expense poses a significant drain on our resources. If you can help cover even a small amount, we will be very grateful.

Please donate if you can – every little bit helps. Sharing this email with others can be an amazing way to help as well, even if you are unable to donate! We know that sharing is caring and makes a huge difference for your rescued cats and dogs who need extraordinary care.


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