Brown Puppies Taking Over TMHPR!!

Donner & Merry (Now Adopted & Named Mazie)

Winter 2015 at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is the season of the brown puppy!  

How did this happen?  

Everywhere we turn there are brown puppies taking over the TMHPR Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feeds.

And have you been to a recent Meet & Greet?  Brown puppies around every corner.  


Where did all of these puppies come from and who is their Daddy?

We will leave the “Who’s your Daddy?” question for Maury Povich, but we can tell you where all of these cuties came from.




All of these babies, (believed to be an Aussie, Flat Coat Retriever, maybe some Lab mix) came to TMHPR on Christmas night from a horrific dog hoarding situation in South Dallas.  Two Mama dogs with their, only weeks old, litters were rescued and brought in from the cold.  For the last 6 weeks they have been growing and thriving under the care and guidance of the volunteers of TMHPR.
Puppies and Mamas were evaluated, vetted and slowly moved to various foster homes to obtain the care they needed, while learning to be a part of a loving family.  These foster homes are vital to the puppies beginning to learn to be potty trained, crate trained and living in a normal home environment.
Rudy & Jingle

Puppies are socialized through interaction with other pets & children living in the home and visitors who come in contact with them.  Foster parents are also encouraged to take their foster pups out for trips to the park or a local store that allows these animals to socialize in various situations.  (Following all medical recommendations regarding vaccines.  Puppies should not be in public grassy areas before all shots are given.)


The brown puppies from Christmas intake included the 6 puppies above with the cute Christmas names.  (All from Mama named Holly.)  And two from the second litter taken in that night with Mama MariAnne.  Hmmmmm, see why we are asking the “Who’s your Daddy?” question now?

Benjamin (adopted)



The time has come for all of these sweet brown babies to find their forever homes.  They have been loved, nurtured, cuddled, kissed, squeezed, photographed, vetted and socialized by our fabulous volunteers for just the right amount of time.  They are ready to grow into the independent dogs they were meant to be.

If you are interested in adopting one of these sweet babies, please go to the TMHPR website and fill out an application.

Is brown not the color for you?  We have other colors!!  See some of our other awesome available dogs/puppies on the website.

Tanner & Tucker
Chive & Cinnamon

Interested in volunteering?  Our adoption center is in Richardson, Texas and we love new volunteers.  Go to our website to learn more about us and how you can help.

Not in the area but want to help with a donation?  Yep, same website.  We have a DONATE button.  It can’t be any easier.

Keep checking back to find out about the dogs & cats in our program.


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