Brandy Dog Fetch

Rewind to a Sunday in late February 2014, the first beautiful Spring day in Dallas. A Take Me Home Pet Rescue volunteer is walking a neighbor’s dog and this dingo-looking dog appears out of nowhere. The volunteer takes action to get this loose dog off the street and to safety and shuttles the dog to her backyard.


Upon closer inspection, it is clear that this dog had been tethered in a collar that was too tight for a very long time. There was no longer a collar, but the damage was evident – a hairless scar around her neck and an open wound. Despite her injuries, the girl is sweet and smooches everyone in sight.
Did she break free from her bondage? Was she dumped in the nice neighborhood, now unwanted? Her story will be one that only she knows as she was not chipped and had no identification. Regardless of how she appeared, the volunteer promised her she would never endure that kind of torture at the hands of a human ever again. She was named Brandy that day and was taken in for medical evaluation and care. Vaccines and antibiotics were in her immediate future…with the great care she has received, her scars are nearly invisible and the hair has grown back on her poor neck.
Medical issues aside, Brandy was likely alone most of her estimated 2.5 years of life. She had no clue what to do when presented with a ball, a bone or stuffed toy. Within one day, however, this smart-as-a-whip dog figured it all out! Fetch is now her favorite pastime!
Being alone all her life also meant that she was not sure around other dogs. They were always some kind of threat to her in her past life so she reacted in fear. Her foster family felt so strongly about her intelligence and sweet heart that they signed her up for 30 days of training at Circle Star Pet Resort. Brandy spent the month of April in training and has returned obeying many commands…PLUS she is much better socialized with other dogs.
Brandy is a high-energy 45 pound girl ready for a forever home. We think she is a shepherd/cattle dog mix. She is looking for a family to love her, play fetch with her in a large yard and invite her to be part of the family. Her love is SO intense for her people that she wiggles and wags until she’s upside down! Please email us at if you would like to meet this special girl!

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