A Boy & His Tiger

This is Lucky (aka Buckeye).
And that is Lucky’s tiger.

Lucky wondered up to one of our volunteer’s farm last winter.  He had been badly wounded and needed some real help.  Lucky was vetted, loved and provided all that he needed.  He still wears a scar on his back and is now missing an eye; however, this does not slow him down one bit.

In just the last couple of months he has decided that his tiger is his favorite toy.  This two are pretty much always together.  Wherever Lucky goes, so goes tiger.

Lucky is a very chill and relaxed guy.  We have often discussed how fabulous he would be as a therapy dog.  He just likes to chill, meet new people and be loved.  His Foster Mom would keep him in a heartbeat, if she didn’t already have three dogs of her own.

She feels Lucky deserves the opportunity to live in a home where he is in a smaller pack and receives more attention.  He gets along fabulously with other dogs, cats, people, kids and even tigers.

So, if you are looking for a chill guy with a fabulous personality.  You really should meet Lucky.  Anyone would be lucky to have him in their home.  Just ask his Foster Mom!

For additional information about Lucky, or any of our dogs and cats available for adoption, please visit our website at www.takemehomepetrescue.com

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