Bottle Feeder Needed for Champ!

Champ has already earned his name.
At just five days old, he and his Mama (Nora) were pulled from a local shelter and placed in a Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) foster home.
Within just a couple of days, it was apparent that Nora & Champ both had an upper respiratory infection.  (This is very common when kittens are born in the shelter.  We try are very best to pull pregnant Mamas before their babies are born.)  With some quick action by our volunteers, Champ & Nora both received the medication they needed.
While Nora recovered fully, Champ is still working hard to get well.
One of his issues, when his head was so stuffed up he stopped nursing and now needs milk replacement formula via syringe.  Our volunteer was up with him every 2 hours to feed him, just to keep him alive through Sunday night.  After several nebulizer treatments in the vet’s office, he is now home, but will still not nurse.
We are working on bottle feeding but he is still not sure how that thing works. We keep trying to encourage him to nurse again but it is not working so humans have become his only food source.
Champ needs a true hero.  Someone who can step up and dedicate their time and energy to feed little Champ every two to three hours 24/7. We know this is a lot to ask. But, this hand feeding is literally saving a life.
Both Nora and Champ have been moved among three different foster homes as various volunteers take their turn with the 24/7 feeding. It would be best for them to be settled someplace by the weekend. We want them to stay in one place for a couple of weeks or longer.
Nora still takes very good care of him and especially enjoys cleaning the formula off of his little face after a feeding. Nora LOVES formula!
If you are willing and able to step up and help feed this little guy, please send an email to
Want to help, but are unable to bottle feed this sweet little guy, please share his story.  Maybe you know someone who can help.
Thank you so much!  And thank you from Nora and Champ!

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