Bella’s Story

This is what our volunteers saw on Facebook, the first time we saw her.  A plea from the Mesquite Animal Shelter for this scared and sad beautiful girl.

We didn’t know her name until after we saved her, Bella.  The perfect name for this beauty.

During her Freedom Ride . . . . she did nothing but smile & give kisses.  She had taken this ride once before.  During her first rescue, with someone who had loved her before.

That person was now gone and she didn’t know why, but she knew a Freedom Ride was the start to happiness.
During her decompression time, we learned that Bella loved treats.

She was a beautiful creature.  Elegant in an Egyptian sort of way.

And she loved other dogs.  Here she is meeting Princess, now Penny.
And I mean GORGEOUS!

Bella has settled in nicely with her foster sister, Abby.  Her Foster Parents say she loves to play, jump and run.  But, what she loves most of all is cuddling on the couch in front of the TV.

So, if you are looking for a beauty, who loves to be active, but at the end of the day just wants to sit back and relax and watch sports, a good action movie or even a Chick Flick, Bella may be the perfect girl for you!

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