Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The Dallas/Ft Worth area has seen a cold snap!

Texans are just not made for this kind of cold weather.  

So, what did our foster pups and kitty cats find themselves doing yesterday with everyone huddling inside to escape the ice and sleet?

Six week old litter mates Emma and Ethan (our Oscar puppies, as they were named after Oscar nominees) found a cozy bed to snuggle up in.  They are very thankful to be out of this cold and wet weather.  

Found to be living in an abandoned trailer a week ago, they were rescued by two Good Samaritans who had noticed their mother had gone missing.

Brother Bradley (named for Bradley Cooper) has found his way to his own foster home.  He was taking it easy during the ice day as his foster sisters had the day off of school.  He spent most of the day being cuddled and loved on.  He has it rough!!

He has some injuries that has put him into a foster home by himself.  The injuries are believed to have been caused by the trash heap that may have contained wires that he was caught in.  

He has an injured eye, that will most likely need to be removed when he is a bit older.  And a foot that has no sensation.  With the help of physical therapy & massage, Bradley is getting around much better!  Aren’t our fosters awesome!


Wags loved playing outside yesterday.  He and his foster Mom enjoyed a long walk without any people or cars around.  

You can read Wags amazing story on our foster/trainer’s blog.  He has an amazing story of survival.  And thanks to an amazing foster mom is doing so well on his journey to his forever home.  Follow his journey on her blog.  Texas Animal Training Blog

Chief found a warm spot to snooze during the ice storm.  He went to visit Dasher and his foster family for some play and cuddling.  Chief is awesome with other dogs, even playing very carefully with 12 week old Dasher.  
Chief is awesome at being a shadow to new friend, Zech.  Chief is an amazing boy who loves being around people & other dogs.  Cats, well he may be a little too interested in cats.


We don’t know who could ever hurt this boy.  He has such a silliness about him and loves everyone he meets.  Chief is looking for his forever home!  For more information about Chief, please visit our website

Photos of more cuddling during this cold weather?

Dempsey & his foster Mom cuddling to keep warm.  

Dempsey is a handsome boy who is looking for his forever home.  See more photos of his sleek young man on the TMHPR website.

Remi all snuggled in his new bed.  

This boy deserves to be snoozing on a soft bed in the warmth of a home.  Rescued in October, when a backyard breeder died, this boy went from a very tough outdoor life to living like a prince.  

We are all so happy to see this photo of a safe and warm Remi.

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