Aussies Looking for Awesome-ness

You know when you meet one of those dogs that capture your
heart; and you just know they deserve to live a life of awesome-ness?

Those dogs who have had a rough start in this life.
They haven’t a clue that the
world does not have to be a scary place.
Those dogs who need time to learn & acclimate to living inside a home,
sleeping on a soft bed and receiving daily hugs & kisses.  And learning that these things = a safe
Sadly, in the world of rescue we
have all met those dogs far too often.
And we have learned that forever homes mean so much to them.
Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR)
currently has three young Australian Shepherds who are “those
And they are now ready for their
forever homes and a life of awesome-ness.

Hunter, Remi and Scarlette all came to TMHPR from the SPCA of East Teas after being
rescued when their owner passed away, leaving her stock kenneled in the back
yard.  This was no way for these sweet
and loving animals to be raised.  They have
missed out on so much in their young lives. 
But, their luck changed last
October when they began to find out what awesome was.  They were taken in to loving and understanding
foster homes, who took on the job of preparing them for awesome adoptive homes. 
Hunter has been
waiting patiently for his forever home.
He knows there is a home out there that is ready and willing to love him
forever.  Hunter is sweet laid back red
Australian Shepherd who is between the ages of 2-3 years of age.
Hunter’s time in his TMHPR foster
home has allowed the staff to learn about Hunter’s sweet demeanor.  And in that time he has learned so much about
what it means to be an inside dog! 
Hunter has a quiet nature,
especially for an Aussie; however, he is very playful with other dogs and loves
to go on walks.  He is house and crate trained. (Skip that puppy training
He was never socialized with
small children, so we are not recommending a home kids under the age of 13
years of age.  He would be a great fit
for a forever family looking for an Aussie who doesn’t have the typical high-energy
demeanor typically exhibited by the breed.  He was born in approximately September of 2012
and has so many years of love and devotion to give. 
To find out more about Hunter,
please visit our website at
for adoption information and complete the online application.
Scarlette is the second beautiful red Aussie, about a year old, who came
to TMHPR from this terrible backyard breeder situation.  From what we can tell, she wasn’t the
favorite of the Aussies and it is reflected in how she reacts to new people
& surroundings.  She is such an
awesome dog, we do not know why anyone would ever mistreat her.
Due to this rough start in life, she
craves attention when in a safe environment.  She needs someone or (someones, plural) who is
willing to teach her that the world is not a scary place and that people will
not hurt her. 
After living for several months
in a foster home, she is learning to thrive in a warm and loving
environment.  She loves to pile her toys
on her bed; and will then decide to take them all outside & scatter them about
throughout the yard!  Then she will work
to gather them all up again!  I can only
imagine how much she is enjoying a life full of toys, soft beds and a yard
where she can run and play.
Scarlette is crate, house and
leash trained!  (Another young one that
does not need puppy training!)  She has
even learned basic commands and knows how to sit, but stay…well, she would
rather wiggle and come after you for some scratches behind the ear and hugs!
I can’t blame her!!
Like Hunter, we are recommending
Scarlette go to a home with only older children and no cats.  She will do great in a home where she is the
only dog or with another dog close to her size.
To find out more about Scarlette,
please visit our website at
for adoption information and complete the online application.
Sweet Remi is the third of the
Aussie’s dreaming of his forever home.
This adorable sweet fluffy one
year old blue Merle Aussie really needs a special forever home.
Could you be that special person?
Or maybe you know someone who
would be a perfect match for this loving boy.
By sharing his story, you could be making his forever come true!
Much like Scarlette, Remi
spent the first year of his life in a kennel in the breeder’s backyard without
much socializing.  Like, the other
Aussie’s this means the high activity and unpredictability of small children is
just not a good fit for this sweet boy.
Over the time that we have had
Remi in our program we have learned a lot about him. He is blind in his left
eye and we don’t believe the vision in his right eye is perfect, so you can
imagine acclimating to new surroundings takes him a bit of time and patience.
We also believe that he may have
some hearing impairment as well.  As you
would imagine, these vision and hearing issues would understandably lead to
more anxiety around small children who trend to move fast and can create quite
the noise. 
We have found that sweet, sweet Remi
would be happiest in a home with another dog and with an owner who is home most
of the time. He’s a sweet boy who loves to go on walks, cuddle, and give kisses.  You won’t be able to find a more suitable
cuddle bug on cold winter nights. 
Work from home?  He would love to keep your feet warm as you
work away all day.  He is the perfect
calm presence for the home office.
If you would like to consider
Remi as part of your pack, please visit our website at
for adoption information and complete our online application form.
Please share the stories of these
fabulous and lucky pups with friends and family. Together we can find a loving
forever home for these sweet and deserving Aussies.
Thank you for sharing!

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