August 20th: Amazing Fosters Make the Difference

We don’t say it enough.  Fosters make all of the difference in the rescue community.  Without fosters, we can’t save from the streets or shelters.  We can’t provide healing time to the wounded.  We can’t help a fearful dog trust again.

We can’t save . . . .

Behind every Happy Beginning is a foster family who loved a Forgotten Soul.

Meet Kalo

He kind of looks like a stuffed dog.  The ones with the little ragdoll type body and little tiny eyes and perfect nose remind me of a stuffed animal.  Henson was the same way.  Little, tiny and perfect features.

Kalo as he looks when he is snuggled up to his Foster Mom.  You see, she has gained his trust; and he is a snuggle bug.

We have no way of knowing what happened to Kalo before coming to Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  He was found tied up outside the Balch Springs Animal Shelter one morning.  No one to help provide any sense of where he came from.

(Note:  Just a day later, a female who looked just like him was found running down a highway in the same town.  They knew each other.  Had the same cut ears.  But, no one came looking for either of them.  Sister was the brave one.  Kalo the frightened one.)

Kalo entered a foster home where he loved the resident dog, Finley.  Finley taught him that humans and cats were pretty great.  He taught him all things spoiled dogs need to know.

“This is how we guard the house from the window.”

“This is how we keep cool during a nap on the wood floor”

And most importantly, “This is how we nap at Mom’s feet.  She is pregnant and may get up often for snacks.”

Even with Finley’s help, we knew Kalo needed more help to become a brave dog.  His Foster Mom provided him safe environments to meet new people.  They were not allowed to touch Kalo until he initiated contact.  And new people meant treats!

Kalo was enrolled by his foster mom  in Manners 1 Class at What A Great Dog and he just recently graduated.  He did so well with learning that the world is no quite as scary as he once thought.  And he will do fabulously in a home where his new family wants to start him in Manners 2!!

Kalo goes to the dog park where he loves playing with other dogs.  And he is around other humans, but he has the ability to freely move away from them if they are too close too soon. And he loves the time spent playing, running and socializing.

Kalo is a darling boy who is still a bit nervous meeting new people, but will flourish in a home where his family wants to help him trust.  He will need another dog.  This is so very important as he needs a “pack”.  He does well with cats as well.  He loves the resident cat.

And he needs a family who wants to continue his training to build his confidence.  This boy deserves a family who will meet his needs.  His foster family has built an AMAZING foundation. Because of them, Kalo has been saved and has the time to find his perfect Forever Family.

Thank you to all who foster!

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