August 14th – Meet Our Newest Canine Family

It feels as if it has been forever since I have written a blog post.  I guess it has been almost two months.  What a busy two months it has been!!  So we wanted to catch you up on a sweet story that includes the save of our newest canine family.

Meet Missy (Now Being Called Maya)

Missy was all over Facebook last week.  She was one of the most shared canines out of the Mesquite Shelter.  She was touted as one of the sweetest girls who needed to be adopted, quickly, as she was running out of time.  Time, before she had her own litter of puppies.

You see, I was there on Tuesday to pick up a young 7 month old blonde shepherd mix, and while I was there, they asked me if I could take a VERY pregnant female.  But, we already had our own unexpected pregnant female, Dorri.

Missy’s Freedom Ride

But when I went home, I just couldn’t get Missy out of my head.  I visited the Mesquite Facebook Page and there she was being shared over 100 times.  But, no rescue could come up with a Foster.  So, I slept on it.

Mesquite Animal Shelter is closed on Wednesday, so I prayed she wouldn’t give birth.  Canines have a way of holding out until they are safe.  But, would she?  By Thursday morning, we had a plan.  We tagged her via email and were there just as the doors were opening.  (We being me and her foster mom.)

And there she was, hanging out in an office to keep her safe and comfortable until we arrived. She was led out with a waddle and a very sweet face.  Collar went on, then the slip lead. Others who were waiting in line to rescue dogs were so excited to see Missy finding her way out the front door, just in time.

I have never prayed so hard during a Freedom Ride in all my life.  I just needed those babies to stay in until we got her settled.  I did not need another Jennifer Taylor, Husky out of Palm Valley Animal Shelter birthing moment of my own.  No babies in MY backseat, please!

Less Than 24 Hours Later

Missy kept herding her Foster Mom back into the room with her.  No time for coffee, give me pets.  No time to grab your phone, sit with me.  Don’t leave me.

Then the contractions started.

And over the next four hours the seven most beautiful babies came into the world.  Into a safe and loving home.

Mama Missy felt safe enough to finally bring four girls and three boys into the world.

All with varied coloring, little Jules looking the most like Mom.

When it was all over, the reality had set in.  Because so many cared to share the need of an emaciated pregnant dog out of the Mesquite, eight lives were saved with one Freedom Ride. Now we focus on providing Missy (nka Maya to fit the literary theme of names) with all of the nutrition she needs for herself and those babies.

Thank you to all who share the needs of those in our local shelters.  The need for fosters is so very real.  The need for adopters, donors and volunteers, just as great.  If you want to know how you can help Take Me Home Pet Rescue with this family or other needs, please visit our website for more information.

And we promise “to write more often” and send updates on this little family.

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