April 9th: Grace – Dowdy Ferry Recovery

Grace has been with Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) for over 3 months now.  Her recovery from living in South Dallas (near Dowdy Ferry) has been slow, but steady.  She was the lucky one.  She was owner surrendered at seven months of age.

Rescuers pulled Grace from her “yard”.  Not a green lush lawn with a fence to keep her and her litter mates safe.  It was a trash heap.  And Grace lay in the yard, unable to stand.

Doctors believe Grace was hit by a car at about 2 months of age.  Blunt force trauma to one side of her body meant that she compensated for the injury and pain by over using other muscles on the opposite side of her little body.  For months.

Until she could no longer stand.  No longer get to the food or water bowl.  So there she lay growing weaker in the yard while her brothers and sisters ran around her.

Until her rescuers came and took her away; and delivered her to TMHPR.

On Christmas Day one of the volunteers could no longer stand that she was spending the day alone, in a kennel.  So, she whisked her home as her next foster baby.

The months went by . . . . . our scrawny, skinny little girl began to blossom into a healthy, beautiful and strong lab/shepherd mix.  Goats milk is something we use to help our undernourished pups gain healthy weight quickly.

Trips to the vet were every two weeks for blood tests.
X-rays for her hips to see if there is any permanent damage requiring  surgery.  Through it all, she was such a good sport; and her foster family took such great care of this girl!

Grace did not need surgery, thank goodness.  She did visit a chiropractor and had some acupuncture to help her muscles loosen and work correctly again.

Grace is all puppy!  She loved running and playing with Pippie, before Pippie found her Forever Home.  She integrates with friendly canines so well!

She quickly made friends with Oracle at a recent Hollywood Feed adoption event.  They are best buds and LOVE meeting up at different events for a fabulous wrestling session.

Grace is very well-behaved on outings.  She would make a great patio dog.

Humans just have to remember that puppies need exercise before such outings.  Treats and toys to keep them busy is always a great idea as well.  Think about keeping a toddler busy while you are having dinner, that is what puppies need too!

Grace even came to hang out during our Four Bullets event a couple of weeks ago.  She did great meeting both humans and canines.

But, what we are so proud of . . . . Grace is one of the Dowdy Ferry rescues who was chosen to be a part of the The Dawg Project’s Dallas foster home campaign.  She and her foster mom were invited to a Dallas fire department for a photoshoot.

Well, Grace was invited for the photoshoot, her foster mom was invited to drive her!!  Grace has no thumbs, so steering wheels are a challenge.


We are so excited to show off our beautiful girl, Grace.  She has grown into a beautiful girl who is now ready for her Forever Home!  She is one lucky girl, as she got out of the trash-filled yard.

I can’t help but wonder what has become of her siblings.  🙁

If you are interested in meeting Grace, and possibly adopting her, please go to our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  This beauty is going to be an amazing companion in a wonderful family.  www.tmhpr.com/adopt

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