April 7th: Pupdate – Sometimes We Wait


Fitzroy & Grimes live together in their foster home, waiting for their Forever Homes.

Waiting is hard.

I think that is one of the most simple statements that can be made regarding rescue.  When you have the most awesome dogs and their Forever Families just haven’t found them yet.  You just want to scream through the internet that these dogs deserve a Forever Home where they are loved and cherished all of their lives.  Cause they have HUGE hearts and will give that love back 10 fold!

(I must admit that I am uncertain how much 10 fold truly is, but I am certain Fitz and Grimes can stand behind that claim.)


First, Grimes . . . . so, people have asked me over & over again, “Why hasn’t Grimes been adopted?”  Or, “I can’t believe we haven’t had any applications on Grimes.”  Oh, we have, but they haven’t been the right match.


Grimes is a Heeler/Husky mix who is just beautiful and smiley.  He has never met a dog that he doesn’t like, or a person for that matter.  He doesn’t have as much energy as you might think that mix would have; however, we are looking for a home with a backyard for him to run and play.
Grimes loves human interaction and will make a great companion; however, he also loves a pack.  He and Fitzroy make a fabulous duo as they love to run, wrestle and play together.  He does need a buddy for frequent wrestling matches.



Grimes is well-behaved in public and makes a great companion.  He is very gentle with children and truly is the perfect dog.  Whoever takes this boy home, is going to be very, very lucky.


To meet this gorgeous boy, please fill out an Adoption Application online and we can work out a plan for you to meet him.


Fitzroy & his Foster Mom, his biggest advocate.

Fitzroy has been waiting for his Forever Home for over a year.  He had a rough start and a lot of physical illness to overcome when he came into rescue.  You can read about him on this blog, by searching for Fitz.

This boy just came back from Circle Star.  He had a two week refresher training course to help him and his foster mom establish pack order in the home.  And it has turned out fabulously!





This woman is amazing.  She stepped up and took on Fitz and his anxiety issues and has worked endlessly with him.  And as you can see, they are quite bonded.

Foster Mom’s current lifestyle, with 3 boys all playing sports, does not leave enough time for Fitroy.  Due to his anxiety, he prefers to stay home, instead of going to the games with the family.  So, Fitz is looking for a home where his family is home more than not.

Fitz is also a clothes horse.  His foster mom can’t stop buying the boy muscle shirts.  The clothing protects his back from the harmful sun rays.  His back has a bald patch due to a large skin infection.

Here are some of his newest pieces that he loves to show off.




Oh, and Fitz will need a yard as well.  After he and Grimes have worn themselves out,  well let’s just say that Foster Mom has had to go check to see if Fitz is still breathing.  Sunbathing is another of his past times.


These boys have been overlooked week after week, month after month.
So, I am screaming from the internet, “It is their turn!”  Who is willing to give these love bugs a chance at a happy, active and loved Forever Home?  Find out more about them on our website, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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