April 5: 1 Year Celebration: River’s Journey

It’s been a year.  A year since the rescue attempt of River, the most famous Dowdy Ferry dog, ended in a success. But, his journey had just started!

Where is he now?

He was rescued from the bottom of the river ravine.  He was literally thrown away.  Left to die, there on the river bottom.  But, he didn’t die.  He was trapped by rescuers and lifted to safety by firemen.

When Jeremy found him, he was hungry.  He was hurt.  But, he survived.
So, today we celebrate that he is healed.  And he is built like a tank.

He was scared.  He was shutdown.  His bones were held together by rods & screws.  But, he is now healed.  And he is fast!  His Mom has to video tape him in slow motion.

River now lives with his family near White Rock Lake.  They wanted to give him a Forever Home the moment they saw his story.  They waited for him to heal.

He went to live with a family who knew this breed.  They knew what to expect and they gave him space and time.  Now he runs with his twin sister, by adoption, Zoey.

He goes on walks.  He runs in the yard and the dog park.  And he trusts his humans to touch him.

Life is good for the dog named River!
So, today we celebrate him and ALL of his milestones.  He has come so far.

Thank you to all who helped him reach this point.  He couldn’t have done it without you!

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  • I would like to see the 2 yorkie & sch zius, Ariel, Well both black & white baby girls. Thank you. Diann 469 955-3058

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