April 25th: Everyone Loves Trudy

Oh, how to begin to explain the vivaciousness and love that is contained in Trudy, Take Me Homes’ pocket sized Staffordshire Terrier.

Trudy is 35 lbs of pure love and happiness, despite having been abandoned behind our Adoption Center, left for our volunteers to find.

Believed to be about 10 months old, Trudy is a true lover and a very active puppy.  She was found barracaded in a corner using cinderblocks and pet carriers.  She was there waiting, scared until someone happened to come by.

That someone was Renea.  And oh, how Trudy loves Renea!
When Trudy wasn’t up for trusting many humans in her new life, she trusted Renea.

Trudy has been in a foster home now for a few weeks and she has loved being in a home, where she is loved and adored.

Trudy’s foster mom describes her as a cross between Scrappy Dappy Doo (nephew to Scooby Doo) and Mighty Mouse and she speeds around everywhere.  Here she is learning to play with resident pups, Annie and Scout.

She loves her ball and will need a home where fetch is played multiple times a day.  It is a favorite game of hers.  And she is very good at it!  (Remember she has Mighty Mouse speed.)

Wherever she goes, she goes quickly.  No need in wasting time . . . .

She gets along fabulously with other dogs, but has not been cat tested.  But, we can arrange that.

At the Adoption Center she played with Pearl, and now in her foster home she plays with resident dog, Annie and Former TMHPR Pup, Scout (fka Saint).

First meetings went well.  Trudy let them know she was submissive and appreciated the chance to hang out until her Forever Family could be found.

Saint taught her how to play.  She and Annie are both fabulous playtime teachers.

They have also taught her that she is safe here.

After some playtime with her friends, her toys, or a bit of fetch, this girl is ready for a nap.

This Mighty Mouse does sleep . . . sleeps as hard as she plays.

So, if you are thinking Trudy may just be the beauty that would fit nicely in your home, please set up a meeting with her by filling out our no-obligation Adoption Application on our website.

You would be lucky to call her your own.  www.tmhpr.com/adopt

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