April 19th: chewy.com Partnership

Fridays are always FABULOUS at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  Not going to lie, it is a busy day.  But, it has become an instant favorite for our volunteers due to the wonderful ways in which we are reaching our community and helping the lives of so many homeless dogs and cats in our area.  And chewy.com is the reason!

Partnerships = Friendships

In March of this year the very generous online pet supply company, chewy.com, began a joint partnership with TMHPR.  Since the partnership has been formed, things have NEVER been the same around TMHPR or the DFW area.

The smiles have been bigger and the happy tears, well, more plentiful!

Chewy.com, founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day, both animal lovers, were looking for a way to satisfy an undersaturated online pet supply retail market and yet still help the homeless dogs and cats.

Chewy.com has a very philanthropic rescue and shelter program dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that assist pets in some way. TMHPR were so excited to be accepted into their program when a brand new distribution center was opened in mid-February.

So, what does this mean?

It means that chewy.com donates products that they cannot ship to their customers due to damage during the shipping process from the supplier, usually broken bags of dog or cat food and damaged boxes.

All of the products are usable and the dogs and cats in our rescue don’t care if the bag had to be taped up.

When we picked up our first donation from chewy.com, (read about it here) the volunteers at TMHPR realized the enormity of the generosity of chewy.com. We also immediately realized that the donation could be used by so many other rescues, we started contacting additional area rescues who we knew were in great need of similar products.

(See how the first load was taken to help feed the street dogs of South Dallas and Dowdy Ferry here.)

So, how does this work?

Once a week Take Me Home Pet Rescue gathers as many as 10 volunteers, rents a moving truck (at least a 16 footer!), brings along several volunteers who also drive their own trucks, and load up.

Once loaded the donations are taken back to the TMHPR Adoption Center, in Richardson, where they are separated by pet species, dry or wet food or other products such as kitty litter, puppy pads, etc.

As of today, TMHPR has developed a sharing strategy.

Every week we add more rescues to our working list who are in need. We confirm the kind of food they need, and invite them to pick up the supplies the day of the big delivery.

We have been able to help over 30 rescues, including feral cat feeders in the Dallas Area!

All of these smiles are signs of relief.

Relief from Operation Managers, Presidents and Fosters who are faced with the enormous task of funding the food needed to run a rescue.  For example, Saint Cloud uses 80 lbs of dry food DAILY for their large breed rescue.

Can you imagine the cost?  And chewy.com provides the nutritious brands they are already using to help their dogs gain weight and become healthy and ready for adoption!

What’s Still Needed?

Truck Rental Sponsors

TMHPR is currently looking for weekly sponsorships for the truck rental which runs about $100/per week.  We now have a partnership with Budget Truck Rental in Richardson, and they have given us some AWESOME rates!

We don’t want to place the burden of truck rental on our volunteers or the rescues we are helping, so we are looking for sponsorships.  We would love to give a shout out to individuals or businesses who would like to sponsor this weekly endeavor.

Lunch Sponsors

Our volunteers who act as the loaders, begin their day at 9 am.  They load from 10 am – 11:30 and then drive back to the TMHPR Adoption Center.  For these volunteers who work to load, we have lunch brought in by a local Richardson restaurant.  These volunteers eat as the unloaders get to work.

Loading, unloading, moving and sorting is hard work.  Ask anyone who has moved a 40 lb bag of kitty litter!  (Or 16 40 lb bags of kitty litter!)  So food at the end of all of the sorting is vital for our volunteers.

The meal and those who provide it are worshipped on Fridays!  And the cake!!  Everyone needs a little sugar at the end of a hard days work!

In the end, this is why we do it, for the homeless dogs and cats.

And I think we would make Ryan Cohen and Michael Day PROUD!

Thank you, chewy.com!

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