April 18, 2016 – Monday Meow


“It’s raining cats and dogs out there!” No… really we have been swimming in requests to take in dogs and cats (more specifically kittens as well as momma cats/pregnant cats and their kittens). Thanks to our WONDERFUL fosters, adopters, volunteers, and supporters we have been able to say “yes” in so many cases. And for that, we are very thankful. In this week’s Monday Meow you’ll see and read about many of our newest additions as well as receive updates from those still in search of their forever homes!

New Arrivals – As Fresh As It Gets

NEW Kittens

Last night these 5 bundles of joy arrived in a warm, dry, and safe foster home! Thank goodness for our foster homes!!!

Momma Cleaning

Momma has since had time to clean them up and get them started on nursing… they sure like nursing!

Family Photo

The look on her face (and her paws that are kneading!) say “I’m so happy that I didn’t have to give birth outside in the rain!”

Mom’s name is Linzee but babies don’t quite have names yet. We’re sure their foster mom will come up with names soon (may wait until we know what sex each kitten is).

PS- foster mom is now calling her Princess Linz because… well she acts like a princess! She would just looooove it if a nanny would come and care for the kittens so she can get back to being pampered on her own 😉

Silly Little Sylvester

Have you met Sylvester yet? If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a few photos of Sylvester. He’s only a few weeks old but don’t let that fool you – he’s a riot! Watch the video and see for yourself… we just love how his back legs drape off of the cat tree so that he can stretch.

Closeup of Sylvester

I mean… come on. Look at those whiskers!

Sylvester will be up for adoption soon, so keep an eye here on our website for his profile when he becomes available!

Teeny Tiny Kittens

These cuties finally have names… well sorta! We are still ironing out the details because it’s hard to tell what sex each kitten is! We’ll update once we have names for each kitten, but for now we’ll announce that the mom has been named Ivy. The rest of the kittens will be named with a “Chicago” theme courtesy of their wonderful foster mom.

This little kitten thinks he or she is the breakout star of the group! He’s definitely already learned to “work it” with the cuteness… can’t wait to see how much cuter he gets!


Look at that cute little mouth… just waiting for a ninny.

Ivey-kitten-2 Ivey-kitten-3

You can just tell from the photos that they have quite the set of pipes!


Family photo (minus Mom, she wanted a little break)


Here’s mom and her babies. She looks so happy and we’re so glad we could help her and her little family.

Meet Frisky Finn

Finn is super new to our program and only about 6-7 weeks old. He’s already settling into his new foster home as you can tell from the video! He came to us from a good samaritan who found him after he showed up in the feral cat colony that they feed. He’s not feral so we knew that he needed a nice, indoor place to go instead.


Check out that cute little tongue peeking out!

Night Kitten Cam


We love it when our foster homes get new toys… and this time it’s one of the coolest! This night-vision camera is sure to provide us with tons of photos of Kasey and her kittens and their  shenanigans at night! kitten-cam-1

At just 3 weeks old, these yet-unnamed kittens are already playing with toys and, as seen here, scratching on toys too! Stay tuned, they’ll be ready for pre-adoption in a few weeks!

Quincy Takes Nap Time Seriously


Check out this silly boy! We’re surprised that he hasn’t been snatched up yet, but in the meanwhile he’s having a good time at his foster home. His foster mom says that she had been gone for a little while shopping and came home to the right photo – what a hoot!

If you want to learn more about Quincy, check out his profile here.

Buffet, Anyone?


Sugar’s eyes say “How much longer do I need to do this?”

Razzle, Roca, and Reese (in order) just love to hit up the milk buffet any chance they can get! They’re so healthy, so we know their mom is doing a great job. They’re about 6 weeks old now, so they will be weaned soon and then they will be ready for pre-adoption after that!

Keep an eye here on our website for their listings as soon as they’re available.

Thanks for reading our Monday Meow, see you next week! Until then, stay safe and dry… that part may be a challenge this week.

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