April 16, 2018 – Because “Mommers” Would Have Loved Him

Meet one of our new babies who came into Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) over this last weekend!!  We have lovingly named him Brennan in honor of our friend, volunteer, foster and also known to the TuggerTroopies as Tugger’s Mommer.

Golden Lab-ish Kinda Guy?

This playful, goofy and happy boy is exactly the kind of pup our friend, Brennan would have loved to help network into rescue. He found himself very stressed at Dallas Animal Services and in need of a ticket out of that loud place.  We went to meet him and he was so silly and smiley.  He seemed to be house trained because he was definitely holding “it” until our volunteer managed to get him outside.  He jumped into the back of the vehicle and “kenneled up” like he had been trained by “Mommer” herself.

We truly believe the boy has a guardian angel.  Can you guess her name?

When our volunteer went to meet him, we learned that he had been quite grumbly and snarled at the workers for days.  He was clearly stressed out in the environment.  One rescue had even passed on him!  It was like Mommers had whispered in his ear to act a fool until the TMHPR tag came through.  Then he was smiley, happy and was able to be seen by the vet, receive vaccinations, etc.

Happy to Be Rescued

As you can see Brennan is a very energetic and goofy lab/golden type mix with a long body and legs on the shorter side. And he even has feathery bloomers under that long tail.  He definitely needed a good run in our green space when he arrived, as he had been in a small kennel at the shelter.  He needed to let those legs stretch.

Definite Labradork

The goofy lab definitely shows when he is chasing toys, birds or balls. He tends to over run them, they escape his mouth as he throws them around, etc.  He seems to love making the volunteers laugh with his antics.

Brennan has proven to be good with other dogs, men and women.  He met our Mama Sami through the fence on Saturday afternoon and by evening, they were rolling in the grass together, as they got rid of some of their young pup energy. He is currently in a home with other dogs and is loving all of the interaction a house full creates.

Brennan will be set up for an intake exam and neuter tomorrow, all other vetting was completed at the shelter before he came to us.  He needs one more round of shots, but is heartworm negative and microchipped.  We can’t wait to find this boy a fabulous Forever Home!

To my friend Brennan, we at TMHPR will continue to honor you and your work in rescue by looking for the Labradork Mix pups who find themselves in need of loving Forever Homes.  May we never forget your dedication and love to the rescue community.

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8 thoughts on “April 16, 2018 – Because “Mommers” Would Have Loved Him”

  • God bless you for rescuing Brennan – and for honoring Mommers in the best possible way. I cried when I read this post.

  • I hope a Troopie gets him. He is a wonderful tribute to Mommers. I’m sure loosing Mommers was hard on your staff too.

  • Brennan, this is such a great way to honor and continue her good work. We all love n miss (mommers) Brennan. Much love to this sweet boy Brennan. I know he will make a great companion in his forever home. I also cried when I seen post. But I have decided that I will donate every month to Take Me Home Pet Rescue. It’s my way of in hopes to help in some small way. Much love to you all, for honoring our friend Brennan ❤Tugger, Tate, CCs mom. And sweet Noona’s daughter. ❤

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