April 14, 2018 – Newton Finds His Home

So many times Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) shares our needs as an organization and our followers & donors step up to the needs at hand.  In return, for your love and spirit of giving, we want to share with you Newton (nka Ranger).

Who Is Newton?

This recent photo of Newton had us all laughing.  His Forever Mom recently posted this adorable boy wearing a pair of Doggles.  Yes, Doggles are a “thing”.

Terriers are an interesting breed.  They tend to LOVE their humans like no other.  Their loyalty is AMAZING.  But, this can sometimes lead to a pup who is happier in a home as an only dog.  I mean Newton did “fine” in a foster home with other dogs, but he has absolutely flourished in a home of his very own.  He now loves playing with toys and runs around the house with pure JOY.

Foster Homes Make A Difference

We are a foster-based rescue.  This means our dogs and cats live in a home, while waiting for their Forever Family.  Newton’s physical and medical needs were addressed in a loving home, where we also learned a lot about him.  While Newton was in his foster home we quickly learned that he was quite the snuggler.  He loved so deeply and craved human touch.

Newton learned so much in his foster home!  First lesson he learned was that humans could be loving and caring.  He learned from the other dogs in the home that humans were great.  And he grew accustomed to sounds that we all have in our homes, such as, the dishwasher, fans and the television.  We also learned that he really needed a home WITHOUT cats.  He was just a little too interested in chasing them.  This time in a foster home helps us MATCH the pet to the best home.

Happy Life, Newton!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters.  Because of you Newton is just one of the homeless pets who has been saved from an overcrowded shelter and provided the medical care and TIME he needed to find the Perfect Home for him this year!

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