April 11, 2016 – Monday Meow


The weather outside has been gorgeous lately so the dogs have been going on lots of outings. Also due to this Spring weather, we are seeing tons of kittens – often referred to Kitten Season. If you know anyone looking to adopt a cat or kitten, you know where to send them! In this week’s Monday Meow we have a TMHPR alum drop in, several litters of momma cats and kittens, as well as an update from one of our cats still seeking his forever home.

Tigger Says Hi!


You may recognize this boy but not by the name of Tigger! His name was Ashton when he was in our program. His new family recently sent us this photo and an update to say that he is doing great! His siblings were Annabelle and Atticus who were more recently adopted, we hope to hear updates on them soon so stay tuned.

Kasey & 5 Kittens

Kasey gave birth to her 5 adorable kittens on March 27th. That makes them about 2 weeks old and they sure are growing fast! They don’t quite have names yet, but we’re sure that their foster mom will come up with the perfect names for them soon.

Keep following us here on the blog or our Facebook page to keep up with these cuties!

Little Bitty Meows


Say a big “Welcome” to Tuxie and her 4 two-week-old kittens – M’Lynn, Shelby, Clariee, and Truvy. These little kittens are about 2 weeks old and will be ready for pre-adoption soon (though they will not go to their forever homes until 12 weeks of age). Did you know that kittens do great in a home with their siblings? That’s right, you could adopt not one but TWO kittens and have twice the fun!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on when they are available.

Our Newest Family!

It certainly is kitten season there is no shortage of momma cats and kittens needing our help. On Friday we took in yet another momma cat and this time with 5 five-day-old kittens! As you can see, these kittens are strong and noisy.


Here’s a close-up shot of the proud momma and her little ones.


A shot so you can see how tiny they were on intake day.


Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby… kitten that is!


This is the sign of healthy and full kittens. Their mommas (foster mom and birth mom) are doing great jobs!

We’ll keep posting updates of these little ones growing here on our blog and on our Facebook page, so keep a look out!

It’s Rough Being a Kitten

Angel’s kittens keep getting cuter by the day, and all that cuteness tires them out! This little one is so tired from being cute all day that falling asleep on foster dad’s leg is somehow comfortable! Watch as this little one fights off sleepiness but eventually gives in.

Angel’s 4 kittens are almost to the age where they will be available for pre-adoption. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!

Colin is Still Waiting…

I know, we can’t believe it either. His “girlfriend”, Janna, was adopted weeks ago but he still has yet to find a forever home of his own. He is such a great cat and just eats up any attention he can get. He needs a home where he can be an only cat so he gets all of the attention so if you don’t already have a cat… what are you waiting for?

Check out his details on our website.

As always, have a great week and THANK YOU for reading about our cat program and THANK YOU in advance for sharing their stories! We appreciate you helping us share the message about the many cats and kittens in our program. We couldn’t do what we do without all of our supporters!

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