A puppy with severe mange

At this time of year, our funds are beyond low. But how could we say “No” to a puppy with severe mange living alone in a shelter?

Meet Cathryn, a sweet little girl who just wants a loving touch. But even that simple interaction causes her many scabs to bleed. How do you show a puppy you can barely touch what love is? With lots of gentle kisses on the nose until you can snuggle without causing her pain.

She has medications to take for the mange along with special shampoo for weekly baths. In addition to her manage, it was discovered that she had intestinal parasites. Cathryn has needed two rounds of treatment so far to clear the worms. On her next vet appointment, she is scheduled for another round of shots and then her spay surgery. For such a young girl, she sure has been through a lot!

One of our experienced fosters is continuing all her medical treatments along with showing her the love she needs. Soon, she will know what being a normal puppy feels like!

We are able to do what we do because of your love and support. With medical bills mounting, we can only help the sick, scared, and unwanted pups with your help.

Please take a moment to donate toward helping as many Cathryns as possible. No amount is too small!

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