A Day with Cyrus: Temporary Fostering

So, you know we have like 101 different types of volunteer opportunities at
Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Right?

And they involve so many different talents and differing amounts of time commitment.
One of the LARGEST needs is temporary fostering.

Cyrus (2)

What is a Temporary Foster?

In the world of fostering, many times it is called offering respite care.  This is when the foster parents need a break or need a respite from the full time job of fostering.

Living with foster animals is work.  Heck, living with resident animals is work!

It is very rewarding work, but there are times that you need to leave town, attend family events or may simply be having a party and your foster may not handle all of those people in your home.

So, what does one do??


Makes Nyx and her foster think real hard . . . . .

14947417_10209457866117193_8893933009121076125_nSo, this is where the very important role of temporary fosters come in.  They care for a dog or cat for a pre-determined length of time. No unknown end date in sight.

It’s kind of like you do with your nieces and nephews.

You get to take them to do fun things.
Buy them lots of fun toys.
Spoil them rotten and then send them back home.


Seriously, here is a fabulous example of one temporary foster who has Cyrus for about a week, while is permanent foster is on vacation.  Here was the experience she shared with the other volunteers, as she had the opportunity to hang out with this sweet boy yesterday.

Cyrus & Take Me Home Pet Rescue are currently waiting on the funding for his MRI and back surgery.

YesterdayAfternoon Adventure with Cyrus

Me: Hey Cyrus want to go for a car ride? We need to blow this joint for awhile


Cyrus: Hum…not really sure I want to get in that car.

Me: It will be great Cyrus!

Megan and I finally wrangled him on his big bed and lifted the whole thing in the car. (Me: Really Cyrus you aren’t that handicapped. Your mommy says you are just a scaredy cat. She might be right LOL)

So off we went. He was very happy once he got over the whole idea of getting in the car. Just to show him how fun a day it was going to be we started with a Starbucks drive thru. Two lattes and a puppiccino please. Paws up from Cyrus.


Fill up the gas tank then we were off to visit the ladies at the center. Big bed in the lobby but he preferred the coach were he made everyone come to him for a hello and scratch because he didn’t want to cross the doorway to admin. Silly boy they won’t bite.

He also got to be the official TMHPR dog greeter to our new intake of the day. Cyrus thought she was a cutie.


Cyrus picked out a new toy from the bag in the lobby. The raccoon was his favorite. I heard these might have been compliments of Deanna’s thrift shopping at the holidays. Thank you from Cyrus.


I think Cyrus decide it was worth the trip. Back at home cuddled down with his new and old babies.

Cyrus to Abby: Miss you mommy but I’m surviving!

Interested in knowing more about temporary fostering?  Visit our website and click on the Foster tab.  Fill out the Foster Application and someone will contact you to discuss more!

Easy peasy!

Cyrus is only about $400 away from obtaining his much needed MRI & back surgery.  His back has been healing on its own from an old injury, and the doctor believes there are bone spurs pushing on his nerves, causing severe pain.

Fifty-seven people have donated to Cyrus’ medical costs.  We are so very close!

The link below explains how Cyrus came to Take Me Home Pet Rescue and the help that he needs.  Please share his story, so we can 100% take away his pain.  Thank you!


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