A Day in the Life of Our Fosters

How your donations help us provide the best temporary homes

While our largest expenses are veterinary services like vaccination, spay and neutering and unexpected emergency procedures, we also do a lot to make sure the foster animals in our care live healthy and happy lives while they wait for their fur-ever homes.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to cover these day-to-day expenses. North Texas Giving Day is 3 days away, but you can donate now during Early Giving!

The Daily Life of a Foster

When foster animals come into our homes, they become a part of our family. We take care of them as if they were our own, and give them any extra TLC they may need in order to get ready for adoption. Here’s a glimpse into the day-to-day life of the foster parents with our rescued animals.

We transport them in our cars! From freedom rides out of shelters to vet appointments and transfers to other fosters, our animals go on lots of car rides. Some of our pets love car rides, but with others, not so much. No matter how fun or chaotic the car ride, transportation plays a vital role in a foster’s journey.

One thing is for sure: our cats and dogs love meal time. The amount of wet and dry puppy/kitten, dog/cat foot that we go through on a daily basis cannot be weighed on any one scale. Our worst-kept secret? When our kids come home from school, we use them as sous chefs.

A special tree is always well appreciated by our foster cats. Our kittens love to climb up high to survey their domain!

Now for our favorite part – the fun time! We dress them up, watch them play and let them sit on our own resident dogs. We watch them when they’re pregnant and when they’re tiny newborns! Toys and treats play an important role in providing animals with an outlet for chewing, socializing and getting all that energy out.

And most importantly, all this activity leads to lots of sleepy time. Just like all parents of young ones, our foster parents get to rest when the cats and dogs finally take a break. And, of course, we take adorable pictures when these pets are actually still! A comfortable place to rest and feel safe is invaluable to these animals.

Even though many are only with us for a short time, each foster animal stretches our hearts just a little more. We’re honored to be part of their journey to their forever home.

Help us save and care for even more of these babies by participating in North Texas Giving Day! With your donations, we can provide food, treats, toys, beds and much more for these animals.

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