Lee is your Reason!


Need a reason to drop by Meet & Greet tomorrow?


Here is the #1 reason!!



This spunky, fun-loving and active 5 month old girl is a hoot.  You will notice her spotted tongue right away.  She and all of her siblings share in this adorable trait.  Mama’s tongue was all black, but not the kiddos.  They all have some sort of spotted tongue that is unique all to themselves.

One of Lee’s many talents is her ability to control her ears and tail.  Not one of her siblings is able to accomplish this feat.

Pose #1:  This is Lee thinking.  Ears only semi-perked and tail is down to the side.  Always be conscience of this pose.  She is planning something.  And it may be planting a big wet kiss on your face!!

Pose #2:  Ears up, tail curled — don’t mind the blade of grass hanging from the corner of her mouth.  This is Lee at full attention and relaxed.  Ready to listen and engage in the next activity.
Pose #3:  Ears wild, tail wild & eyes squeezed shut.  We can only guess that a gust of wind has come along and taken over her appendages.  OR she was told to smile & say cheese and instead she went for a goofy result.  
Lee is a smart girl who is a total ham.


Lee is a beautiful girl who loves the water.  She has a great time playing in the baby pool or chasing the water from the hose.  Need a swimming buddy?  Consider a doggie life vest and teach her to swim.
This loving, loyal and active girl is patiently waiting for her forever family to find her.  She was born in a wonderful foster home after her mother was pulled off of the streets in South Dallas.  
She would make a great running buddy or agility partner.  And with her love of the water, we are certain she would love to give dock diving a try.
Lee will be at Meet & Greet tomorrow, June 6th.  Please fill out an online application if you would like to meet her.  We would like to know something about you before you come to meet her.  (Your application does not obligate you to an adoption.  We just like to know enough about you to determine if you would be a good fit for Lee or any of our other dogs currently in our organization.)
Our adoption application can be found on our website.  www.takemehomepetrescue.com
And Lee looks forward to meeting you tomorrow!




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