5 Reasons Pippy is a Kid’s Best Friend


Ever wanted that dog that is portrayed in the movies?  Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Benji . . . . well how about Pippy?

The one that is beside the mini-human, no matter what?

The one that runs back to the house to get help when there is trouble?

Okay, that one isn’t quite Pippy.  That is Hollywood.

Pippy is the one most likely helping her mini-human get into trouble . . . that is why she is a kid’s best friend.

Pippy DOTW (2)

1.  Pippy loves to play

Whether with a human, mini-human, canine buddy or on her own . . . she is all about playing and having a good time.

Trampoline Anyone??

Mini-human napping?
No worries . . . . just me and my Kong buddy dancing to the music.

2.  Pippy is a Great Nanny

Whether the toddler needs to calm down . . .
(Yes, they were playing stickers.  She loves to collect stickers on her head.  But, when that mini-human needs to chill.  She has it all under control.)


Or you need a lifeguard . . . . she is available to be that extra hand or set of eyes you need!

Little Mini Human, do you need more water? How about a life preserver?

3.  Pippy Can Even Make Piano Lessons Fun

No more boring piano lessons . . . .

4.  Pippy is a Great Help to the Mama Human Too

Need help wrapping those Christmas gifts?  She always has a paw to lend.


Need a buddy to test the bath water for you . . . . she is there to help.


5.  Pippy Knows How to Relax

At the end of the day, when the mini-human is in bed.  Chores are all done.  She knows how to call it a day.



For more about Pippy or how to possibly add her to your family, please visit our website.  (Pippy is not certified to baby sit, toddler sit or child sit.  She simply enjoys sitting on the children.)

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Pippy is a Kid’s Best Friend”

  • Pippy seems to fit right in with the family in the photos and videos. They seem to love her. She is a very bright girl—seems she’s right where she should be????

    • While Pippy loves her foster family and her foster family loves her, we do hope she finds a forever home of her own. Her foster family loves to help by taking dogs and puppies into their home to provide them temporary care while they await their own families 🙂

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